BS – 260

Large miter saw

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Tool with a diameter of 800 mm

Roll-up table with stop for the semi-finished product

Stable construction on a concrete foundation

15kw motor for full cut

Large shortening saw BS-260


BS – 260 is a large shortening saw designed for cuts with a tool with a diameter of 800 mm. Motorized shift of the support with speed regulation. The stroke of the machine is fixed, gradual cutting is possible with the variant of the machine with stroke. Automatic water release and overload protection.

Roll-up tables to facilitate handling at the input and output of the machine with variable length.

Adjustable stop with scale for repeated cuts. In accessories, pneumatic auxiliary pistons for arresting the blank in the cutting position.

Different table variations from standard to belt conveyors.


Technical parameters of the machine in the basic version

Machine height

2000 mm

Overall width of the machine

2500 mm

Total length of the machine

2 600 kg

Operating voltage of the machine

3x 400 V – 50 Hz

Plan view of the machine

2,5 m x 2,6 m x 2 m

Motor / tool diameter

15 kW / 800mm

Section of material

up to 260 mm

Amount of cooling water

40 l/min

Total power consumption

17,5 kW

Machine weight

2 200 kg